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Bloom Beauty | Ottawa | Beauty Salon


Rejuvenated, healthier, better !

225 Metcalfe St, Ottawa, ON

6th floor, My Salon Suites, entry code- 208

Free parking at 261 Cooper St., spot #16

Equal Pricing
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Equal Pricing

Guests at Bloom always enjoy equitable pricing of their services.
Ladies and gents pay equally for the same service based on a philosophy of customer equality.

Customized Style

Unique, stylish aesthetics which suit the features and lifestyle of the individual.

Bloom guests enjoy style and beauty that's low maintenance, resulting from decades of service experience and world class training.

Customized Style


Bloom guests benefit from the use of environmentally safe, cruelty-free products.

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Taking the time to listen, confirm and deliver on  individual service needs.

Bloom guests receive thorough consultations, pleasant service and beautiful results.

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